Wander Up North To Lincoln & Woodstock, New Hampshire With Us

Wander Up North To Lincoln & Woodstock, New Hampshire With Us

 Wander Up North To Lincoln & Woodstock, New Hampshire With Us!

Wander & Rove Up North


If you find yourself craving a little slice of small-town charm and natural wonders, look no further than Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire. These two neighboring towns are nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, offering a wonderful mix of outdoor activities, scenic views, and delicious eats. So pack your bags and prepare for a memorable journey in this picturesque corner of New England!

Navigating from the Boston area: 130 miles north west of Boston, just over a two hour drive and you will find yourself in the White Mountains.

About The White Mountains:

The White Mountains have long been known for natural beauty, rich in culture, historical charm and stimulating recreation-as well as some of the most beautiful scenery in the eastern USA.


Let's start with the most essential aspect of any great trip: food! Being a foodie at heart, I love finding new eats to try. Lincoln and Woodstock may be small towns, but they are big on flavors. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or just looking for a satisfying meal, you'll find plenty of options to curb your appetite.

1. Pemi Public House, Woodstock: The menu changes seasonally and everything we tried was so fresh with a spicy flair to it. We had the Sweet & Spicy Falafel, Naan Tacos and Bahn Mi.

Pemi Public House
Pemi Public House Photo Op

2. Woodstock Inn Brewery: Calling all beer lovers! The Woodstock Inn Brewery in Woodstock not only serves up delicious pub food but also brews its craft beers on-site. Take a tour of the brewery or sample a flight of their award-winning ales while enjoying the hearty brewpub fare. Be sure to have a pint in the old pub off the patio. It transported me to a quaint pub in England. Not to mention we had ourselves a foosball match! Talk about a blast into the past.

3. Woodstock Pie & Coffee Company: The best pie in New Hampshire according to Yankee Magazine and well, we can confirm that is a yes. We got a small blueberry pie the first day and it was so delicious we had to go back to bring one home! The cinnamon rolls and coffee was top notch as well!

Blueberry Pie From The Woodstock Pie Company

3. Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta: Lincoln

Bring your appetite and we suggest sharing the main course!

Jimmy Seas - the iconic, old-school Italian eatery has been around for more than two decades on Martha's Vineyard and their newest location in Lincoln. They are known for their heaping servings of pan pasta.

4. White Mountain Bagel Company: Lincoln

Who doesn't love a freshly made bagel! This is an iconic pit stop on the way to Loon Mountain during the ski season to carbo-load before a day on the slopes and it is just a delicious in the summertime! Offering a wide variety of fresh baked bagels, coffee, cappuccino, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and baked goods.

5. Conehead's Ice Cream: 

Homemade ice cream that will not disappoint with lot's of flavors to choose from! 

Cappuccino Caramel Brownie in a waffle cone

6. Purple Tomato:

Sandwich shop and local market

Once you've satisfied your taste buds, it's time to explore the great outdoors. Lincoln and Woodstock are surrounded by natural beauty, offering countless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing and simply enjoying the stunning scenery.

1. Morning River Plunges in the Pemigewasset River:

No better way to get your day started than with a plunge in the river! The condo we were staying in backed up to the river, it was so lovely to have easy access to the river for dips throughout the day to cool off.

The Pemigewasset River, known locally as "The Pemi" run 65 miles in length.

Coffe On The River

Iced Maple Latte from The Woodstock Pie & Coffee Company 

River Plunge
Plunging In The Pemigewasset River


2. Franconia Notch State Park:

Just a short drive from Lincoln, Franconia Notch State Park is a nature lover's paradise. Explore the Flume Gorge, a natural chasm with towering granite walls and cascading waterfalls. Take a scenic hike to Franconia Falls or cool off in Echo Lake. Don't forget to keep an eye out for wildlife, like moose and deer, along the way.

3. Loon Mountain:

If you're a thrill-seeker, head to Loon Mountain in Lincoln. In the summer, you can go zip-lining, take a scenic gondola ride to the peak, or tackle the ropes course. In the winter, hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding. With breathtaking views and plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities, Loon Mountain is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts.

As a skier myself I've spent more time on Loon Mountain than in the towns at the base so it was lovely to see the area not covered in snow and get a feel for the local area, while plenty warm in the summer months.

4. Mini Golf or Putt Putt... at Hobo Hills:

Whichever you prefer to call it the Lincoln and Woodstock area is very kid friendly and has a few mini golf courses to choose from and let's be honest you don't need kids in tow to play a round and feel like a kid again! This was my reminder to kick back, laugh with my husband and have fun! 

Mini golfing at Hobo Hills

On the adventure list for next time:

1. Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves:

Prepare to be amazed at the Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves in Woodstock. Follow the wooden boardwalk as it winds through a series of massive boulders and caves. Discover hidden waterfalls, tight squeezes, and stunning geological formations along the way. It's a one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave you in awe of nature's wonders.

2. Echo Lake:

Echo Lake is a state park that is a great place to take families for a swim or picnic as you take in the views of the White Mountains around you!

What To Pack:

Comfortable walking shoes or hiking shoes/ boots

Hiking gear

Swim Trunks

Causal day out/ dinner outfits

From the shop I suggest packing:

Gilma Shorts: I wore these to the lake, dinner and out and about during the day. The most versatile shorts ever! 

Rib 90's Tank

Linen Vacation Shirt

Daria Linen Shirt

Costa Sweater

Nova Sweater

Silvestre Trousers


As you can see, Lincoln and Woodstock offer a perfect blend of culinary delights and natural wonders. Whether you're exploring the local cuisine or immersing yourself in the great outdoors, you're sure to create lasting memories in these charming New Hampshire towns. So pack your bags and get ready for a nature filled journey to fill your soul and hit the refresh button. 

If you live local to the Boston area it is the perfect weekend getaway! Whenever I travel up North I am always so grateful that in just a few short hours we can be somewhere so beautiful and different from where I live. New England is quite incredible in that sense. The weekend getaway up North was the reset I needed and a lovely reminder to just be. Be present with the ones around you. Be out in nature. Be yourself.

If you're planning an adventure up North I challenge you to take time off your devices and be out in nature with friends and family! Play a card or board game and connect with the humans around you because there truly is nothing better than being in nature and enjoying wholesome human connection to fill your cup. Oh yeah and a whole lot of laughter never hurts!

With love,

Wander & Rove


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