Collection: Micaela Greg

Micaela Greg is a knitwear focused ready-to-wear collection designed by Marie and Karen Potesta. 
The collection is comprised of super soft knits and thoughtfully designed wovens that emphasize impeccable craft and timeless modernity. The sisters focus on designing quality, made to last garments with ethical manufacturing at the heart of the brand.

The majority of the collection is proudly made in the US, and constructed of the finest quality Italian yarns with the softest hand feel.  A small number of pieces are made in Peru in Fair Trade factories using Alpaca yarns from the local vendors. There is an importance placed on working with local knitters and seamstresses, drawing on their expertise while supporting local industries and art forms. 
Micaela Greg's studio is located in Alameda, CA and is crucial to every step of the design and production process. All aspects of their process from initial sketching, gathering and creating swatches, experimenting with materials and colors finds its home in the studio. It is the center from which they have built their brand and remains a key element to all their production process. They develop their final product with a solid base of family-run contractors in the US, Peru and India. They are responsible for the long-lasting construction of every garment that Micaela Greg makes. 
Each Micaela Greg garment is made with fine attention to detail: every fabric, yarn and trim is deliberately selected with care. Consideration is given to sustainability and longevity of each garment.

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