Collection: The Nude Label

"Locally made in Spain between the mountains and the oranges fields."

All of The Nude Label pieces are made in a family-run factory in Valencia, Spain. The closeness of their studio allows them to have more control over the process and ensures good working practices are taking place. The production team has a healthy and safe working environment, are being paid fairly, have freely chosen employment and have snacks and homemade pastries available anytime! The Nude Label loves supporting their local community and contributing to its growth and development. And their community equally supports them to help them grow and shape their identity.

Some of the beautiful faces of the women behind Nude Label.
Even though the garments might seem simple they have plenty of details. Each worker is specialized in a different area of the process. It all starts on the cutting table and pieces travel from one machine to another until they are finished and ready for the quality control.
The Nude Label endeavors for total transparency. It is only by understanding and being aware of how their clothes are made, and who makes them, that they can start making choices that will positively impact the world.
The Nude Label uses soft, comfy and chemical free organic cotton

from an organic cotton supplier in Portugal.

It is certified with GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 Standard. They are also members of the Better Cotton Initiative.

Their organic cotton is grown with no pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. Organic production maintains soil fertility, reduces the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and builds a biologically diverse agriculture.

GOTS certifies all chemical inputs such as dyes used that must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. Also, a functional wastewater treatment plant is mandatory for any wet-processing unit involved and processors must comply with minimum social criteria. This ensures that the workers growing the cotton are receiving fair wages and good working conditions.






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