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Merewif derives its name from an Old English term for sea witch. It is an innovative yet wearable collection of handmade jewelry, taking a strong influence from the alchemistic elements of sea. Every piece is designed by Savannah in her hometown on the Southeast coast of North Carolina and handcrafted in the United States.
Excerpt from an interview with Local Eclectic:
When did you start your line and what motivated that decision?
I started Merewif in 2012 after moving back to the little beach town I grew up in. I had been designing footwear in New York and Los Angeles for several years and needed a change. Unfortunately, my fashion degree didn’t afford me many opportunities in a small town, so I decided to explore a craft that I could produce on my own… jewelry.
What inspires you on a daily basis? And how do you think that’s reflected in your work?
Merewif actually translates to sea witch in Old English; an ode to my lifelong admiration of the ocean. Nature’s texture and movement is endlessly inspiring to me.

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