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Timeless accessories based on principle of love and respect for craftsmanship. Each piece is realized by hand, one by one, rescuing traditional processes to finally be turned into one of a kind fashion accessory in Italy.

Alienina was born in 2008 with the aim of inspiring people to discover that items can have an extra life and new functions, from an Italian designer: Eliana Venier. The philosophy of the project is giving a new function and aesthetic value to the everyday object and extending their lifespan.

The materials used for Alienina collections are sailing and mountain climbing cords, cotton wicks for oil lamps, resin commonly used in car parts, fabric and straps used for blinds. The 90% of the materials are production waste, washable and non-toxic.

The process of creating Alienina bags and jewelry always starts from the material. The designer is constantly looking for production scraps in all corners of the world, the ones that she falls in love with inspire her to creative experiments. The materials are what inspires the forms that are realized as the end result. That way the creative process is absolutely free and always brings the unexpected.

Each piece is hand-made and thus unique.  Alienina loves what is unique and special. Intentional irregularities or imperfections make the bags singular. Although each model may come in large quantities, there are no two identical pieces among them.
The techniques are inspired by old traditional crafts, which the designer interprets the contemporary way. The trend is creating statement tribal and nautical inspired pieces.

Inspiration comes from architecture and at the same time from the natural environment: Alienina collection is composed by soft and tactile pieces, they are architectures to wear with an organic touch.

Alienina collection is 100% made in Italy, in the Alienina studio where the focus is producing high quality hand crafted products. This attention to detail, combined with the innovative use of the materials define Alienina’s approach and strong aesthetic appeal.

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