Wander & Rove is a slower approach to fashion and life. Inspired by travel and discovery, Wander & Rove was born to provide you with a space to slow down, discover sustainable fashion and quality goods from around the globe and to thoughtfully curate conscious wardrobe to Wander & Rove in.

Mission Statement

Wander & Rove’s mission is to bring light to slow fashion brands, independent designers and makers from around the globe. To learn more about where and how your garments are being made and to understand quality over quantity. We are here to help you curate a conscious wardrobe to slow down and enjoy the little things in life while being inspired to discover new places and cultures through our global travel guides.


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How Wander & Rove Stumbled Upon It's Name

“Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands I forever love.”

-Robert Burns

On a hike through the Scottish Highlands with my dad, we stopped for dinner one night at the local pub and painted on the wall was this Robert Burns quote. My dad read it aloud and for some reason it stuck with me.

Fast forward a few years later, I was pondering a name for my shop. I knew I wanted to incorporate my travels and experiences somehow in the name. That's when this quote came back to me along with all the wonderful memories from this trip. From there Wander & Rove was born.

  Being a true wander at heart, my adventures have led me to discovering independent shops and designers from all over the globe I kept a running list everywhere I went of all the brands, designers and shops I came across, in hopes of one day having my own space to share them with you. And here we are! 













Hi, I’m Sarah the founder and owner of Wander & Rove! After years of studying and working in the fashion/retail industry I started to become frustrated with the lack of well-made products sold by the everyday retailer. I found myself constantly searching for sustainable pieces, made of quality materials that would last a lifetime. I longed for garments that were unique and timeless. Pieces that would not fall apart after a few wears. I began searching high and low, discovering wonderful brands that showcased beautifully made products. I knew I had to find a way to share these different brands with others. To allow you to shop at ease for quality and timeless pieces while learning more about where your garments are coming from and how they are being made. 

Along side my fashion journey I am a true ‘wander’ at heart. I often find myself happiest ‘wandering and roving’ about in new places and discovering new things. I’ve spent many years traveling, discovering new brands and independent shops all around the world. These places have inspired me to bring my own shop to life and to have a place to bring all these incredible brands together. Wander & Rove was founded to bring light to the independent designers, small brands and makers out there. To the ones that are often hard to come by, truly unique and timeless. 

Don’t forget to slow down, enjoy the little things in life and to ‘Wander & Rove’. 

Thank you all for finding Wander & Rove, following along on this journey with me and supporting my dream!

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