Collection: Chai Wallahs of Maine

A woman-owned Chai Tea Company based out of Blue Hill and South Portland, Maine.
From their travels, they’ve always loved the conversations and connections that arise when people come together around a warm mug or glass of morning tea or coffee. And so while running a farm in 2008 they would set up for farmer’s markets and at the end of their display of vegetables they would offer chai. They so appreciated the interactions with folks pausing to sip chai and recount tales of moments and memories conjured. From there they, along with their wonderful partners, began serving chai at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine in 2009. Customers would ask how to make chai the way they did in their own homes the rest of the year. After a lot of cups of tea and a lot of conversation, they began offering their unique blend of spices and black tea in packaged form to create a way for folks to make their own chai at home and enjoy not only the flavor but the cooking itself. In offering a packaged form of their chai, they’ve appreciated the theme in customer feedback that slow cooking chai offers an opportunity to pause and be present. From sitting around the kitchen table cooking tea with a friend to bringing a camp stove out into Maine’s wilderness, they love the experience of pausing as they tend to the cooking pot and then sitting to sip the chai’s warmth amongst friends or the trees and moss of the Maine woods or a wind-swept rocky shore.  
And as they love the way a warm cup of chai brings people together, so too they love how this business has brought them in touch with all of you. Many thanks to you all, from Leigh and Ruthie.
Chai Wallahs uses plant-based packaging that is plastic free and compostable once you have removed the tin tie.

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